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From effective digital media marketing and content development, to high quality graphic and brand design, we offer a wide range of services to help showcase a unique and effective brand.




We work to help develop digital releases and get your content into hundreds of online stores including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Stitcher, YouTube. Hear your podcasts, music, and see your videos on the largest platforms.



We partner with major and independent labels; training talent in all aspects of the art and business. Our goal is to make you into an emerging force in the music industry.



We work with the best producers, engineers, and studios around to make sure your audio media properties are at the highest technical and creative level. We work with artists, corporations, podcasts, and brands to develop custom assets.



We produce high quality digital and television ads,  music videos, concert shoots, Electronic Press Kit (EPKs), behind the scenes content, and promotional films.



A&R is about taking what is good and making it great. We develop the sound, style, delivery, and messaging of an artist.


Foreign Affairs Media Enterprises, Inc. (FAME), is a Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN based digital media team. Clients achieve the highest industry-level quality work within a more accessible price point.  FAME has passion about empowering a new generation of talented creative professionals. Our mission is to consistently develop the artists of tomorrow with the skills, resources, and know how to build a career from their gifts and talents.


FAME pairs each client with an individual project manager and team of digital media experts. The team works through an individualized plan from concept through execution, implementation and review. We believe that each brand is unique, and needs a unique team of professionals to help them develop their message, style, and vision. For that reason we have a network of experts in every discipline who assist FAME and our clients in launching their campaign.


FAME takes in clients from all over the Unites States and beyond to work with our  Twin Cities based creative professionals, and studios. We are experts at working remotely and intimately to achieve any goal. We also welcome local, national and international talent to explore the wealth of expertise and opportunity here.

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